2v2 Channels

Objective – creating overlaps/underlaps

  1. 2v2 with channels
  2. Attackers (Blues) score by stopping in endzone with a dribble or pass
  3. Defenders (reds) are locked in the channels and can only defend in their channel
  4. If reds win the ball they pass to the high player (yellow).
  5. Sub out yellow regularly

Aim – Encourage attackers to create 2v1 situations via overlaps and underlaps.

  1. Combinations (overlaps, underlaps, creating 2v1s, exploiting space).
  2. Passing (smooth, weight, playable, timing, disguise, feet or space?).
  3. Receiving (first touch, securing the ball, enticing defender).
  4. Movement (to support, to arrive, timing).

Start with yellow pass to blue

  1. Time limit on each attack.
  2. If the attack last longer than ’10 seconds’ then the 2nd defender can join in.
  3. Defenders are free to move anywhere.

2v2 Channels