People, Participation, Progression, Performance in Hockey

2 goal scoring

  1. 2 teams of 3/4 players plus a joker (pivot player)
  2. Split the D in half with goal in each half
  3. Keeper covers both goals
  4. Teams look to score


  1. Players can move between sides
  2. Ball cannot go across the separation line
  3. NO hitting
  4. Ball must stay inside the dotted line around the D
  5. Number of goals in a time frame
  1. Attacking principles
    1. Stick to stick
    2. Face the play
    3. 7m game
    4. Find time and space
    5. Width and Depth
  2. Defenders
    1. Transition and reshape
    2. Press after loss
    3. Channelling
    4. Defenders to press the ball and the channel
  1. Reset if ball is out – joker restarts by sending the ball to the non-offending team
  1. On turnover defenders have to exit the 5 yard line to attack and roles swop
  2. Limited no of balls per team to reduce wastage