1. 10 players in a group – self organise into group sof 1 & 2 & 3 & 4
    Sequence of the game is:

    1. First Player attacks and shoots – the ball MUST be HIT. (or select your own shot choice)
    2. Players 2 & 3 attack BUT original attacker becomes defender
    3. Players 4 & 5 & 6 attack and the 2 player team defends (the player on his own returns to the next 4)
    4. Players 7-10 + 1 attack
  2. Reset and start again
  3. Each team clears area when the next team starts
  4. If a goal is scored, or the ball leaves the area or the defense gain possession of the ball and outlet to the next
    group of players, the next phase starts.
  5. Free Hits on pitch taken as normal.
  6. If Defender/s gain control of the ball they MUST outlet the ball to the next set of players waiting to go for
    the next phase.
  7. 1 pt for goal 2 pt for defence out letting to waiting group.
  1. Understanding of attacking principle (Forward, First, Fast)
  2. Encourage leading runs
  3. Fast fast
  1. Goal or off the back line – move to next phase
  1. Time to score
  2. Add more players
  3. Add another attacker