0s & Xs

Objective – moving and controlling the balls


Set out 9 hoops or cones or strips

Teams race with a ball/bib (different colours) and place them in the hoops 

On the whistle:

  1. Each team gets 4 balls
  2. First player on each team races out to the grid and places their ball into one of the 9 spaces.
  3. They then sprint back and tag the next player.
  4. First team to get 3 balls in a row wins.
  5. If neither team has 3 in a row after 4 attempts the game continues.
  6. Each player now moves one of their own balls each time they race out.
  7. This continues until one team has 3 in a row.


  1. Using bibs for warmup
  2. Using balls only similar to bibs
  3. With sticks and balls
  1. What are your tactics?
  2. What are tactics?
  3. When do you need to turn and to sprint in a hockey match?
  4. When do you need to be precise or careful in a hockey match?

Start again or have a knock out competition

With sticks and make them demo skills


Put obstacles in the way

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