U11 training 11-09-2020

Netball – Rollerball (10-15 mins) – 4v4 in 15×15 area.

Players throw the ball to each other when passing and cannot move when in possession. To score a point players must pass to a team mate in their attacking end zone.

Introduce hockey ball and roll along the groundBasic games (30 mins)

Week 1- Carrying the ball

Basic dribbling and holding the stick

Key teaching points:

  • Ball kept at 2 o’clock
  • Stick and ball always in contact
  • Toilet seat carry position
  • Head up when carrying the ball
  • Extend arms when accelerating with ball
  1. 25 to Baseline ball carry (10 mins)
    1. Players start on 25 and sprint with ball until half way/base line. If coach says ‘stop’, players have to stop until the command of ‘go’ is given. Winner is the person to make it to the half way/base line with the ball under control.
    2. Progression: Use no commands and introduce cones. Green- go and Red- stop. Promotes players carrying the ball with their head up.
  2. 2. Clumps(10mins)
    1. 6 players operate around the edge of a circle and carry the ball around the circle anti-clockwise. On the command of change, players have to change the direction in which they are travelling. Coach will call out a number and players have to react and form a group of that number. Introduce a fun forfeit for those who don’t find a group.
    2. Progression: Introduce a cone system; green means go, red means stop and hold finger for numbers
  3. 3. Queen of the Squares. (10-15 mins)
    1. 4x10x10m squares in a square (20*20).  Players carry the ball around all the squares. Cones used to give players instruction. Green- sprint, Orange- jogging, Red- stop.
    2. Progression 1: Introduce a defender. Defender attempts to eliminate a ball from the square. When the defender eliminates a ball they are now a ball carrier and the ball carrier is a defender.
    3. Progression 2: ‘Free for all’. Everyone has a ball and is in just 1 of the small squares. Players attempt to eliminate their opponents. If eliminated, move to next square and repeat as more people join the second square
  4. Numbers games (15-30 mins)
    1. Teams of 5. Players are numbered 1-5. Coach calls out a number and that player(s) run from their box and play against their fellow numbers from the other team. Goals scored using a regular format.
    2. Bonus score for carrying the ball into space/to create space

1/2 pitch game

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