U10 Girls 18-10-14

Herewith tomorrow session (even in the rain that is forecast)
We already have streams – hopefully people can remember!
Tigers, Leopards, Lions, Panthers?
Order of play
  1. Warmup
  2. Registration and stream
  3. 3 games
  4. Skills area – We will pull individuals out to work in this area – focusing on hitting with GK present
  1. Red Rover
  2. Stuck in mud – crawl between legs to free up (or go under arms)
  3. Trains – 6 to a train – shouted exercises
3 games – I will try this week to rotate people through the games
  1. 4v4 in diamond – focus on support & positional play
  2. Box bandit – Passing
  3. Honeypotting – get people to move into space
All of these should now be visible on your phones etc so no need to bring anything
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