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U10 2018/19 Season Wrap Up

Finally I can relax and stop living on tenterhooks so a quick note to say thank you all for a great finale for the end of a very successful U10G season.

So herewith an end of season wrap-up (or ramble whichever more appropriate!)

Today – the girls did really well and I was really pleased we got through to the quarters, I do believe that on another day we would have walloped Amersham, however not to be…

From the Head coaches perspective I would like to thank:

  1. My Team – who have been truly supportive of every madcap idea that I have come up with, Steve, Tom and Martin and of course Jill who against great odds has kept me on the straight and narrow and last but by no means least is Andy Hart our director of junior hockey who has been incredibly supportive.
  2. Parents – your children are a credit to you, the drive and enthusiasm they have displayed is beyond the pale and be aware you make our job possible and are instrumental to their drive which makes our coaching so enjoyable.
  3. Team (in the widest sense) – they have been a revelation it is so motivating to work with enthusiastic kids and boy have they grown this season.
  4. Subs – our 3 subs had very little pitch time today and I think poor old Amelie only got 46 secs so Lucy, Amelie & Tilly thank you so much for coming along and so sorry you did not get much hockey.
  5. Squad Members – We should also remember Tilly, Flora, Jess and Chloe who also did the training but did not necessarily reap the rewards, thank you girls for being on board.

Whew. a long season but full of achievement and being personal for a moment it has been extremely rewarding to work with a great bunch of kids, parents and coaches who have been seriously on board all the way through.

Here is to 2019/20 (without the tenterhooks)