Sweat Box

Objective – 

GameFocus onTransition/ResetProgression
  • Balls start in the defending corner of each team.
  • Score in the defending teams half – Can choose scoring
  • rules based on ability of players
  • Any sideline/baseline restart is a ball from the teams defensive corner whos ball it would be (don’t play sideline balls)
  • Players must get their own balls – NO CHEATING!!
  • Aim is to set up pressure early as well as set up to attack quickly.
  • Play 3 minutes then 1 team will rotate out – teams will play twice and rest once.

Players per team: 3

Time per set: 3 minutes

Rest time: 3 mins whilst off


  • 3pts for a goal
  • 1 pt for a “PCA” (award a Stroke)
  • 1pt if they score the Stroke

Attacking focus

  • Find ways to score when under pressure
  • Keep the ball in play and value each attack

Defending focus

  • Organise quickly on restarts
  • Manage the threat in the scoring zone

GK focus

  • Save and clear off the sidelines
  • Organise the team when the other team is restarting



Sweat Box

Sweat Box