1. Large square with small square in centre.
  2. Attackers placed in corners of outer square
  3. 2 defenders in smaller centre square.
  4. Attackers score points by making a pass to a team-mate inside the centre box and out to a team-mate.
  5. 1-point for a pass back to the passer.
  6. 2-points for receiving from one team-mate and passing to a different player.
  7. Only one attacking player in the centre box at one time.
  8. Players pass around the square to create space and angles.


  1. To teach the ability to manage passes into and out of crowded areas
  2. Teach drawing defenders
  3. Learn how to scan and pass instantly
  4. Position your body for the pass before you get it
  5. Creating angles
  1. Swop defender and attacker for failure (loss of ball)
  2. Start again and do scoring
  1. Create teams  each has 5 balls – how many points
  2. Time – 2 minutes – how many points?

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