Risk vs Reward – eliminations

Objective – Creating elimination overloads

  1. Split the group into 2 teams
  2. Red team defends the end they start, same for the Blues
  3. Each team has 2 points to defend, carry line between the cones and the mini goal
  4. Teams can shoot anywhere over half way to try and score in the mini goal
  5. Game is initiated by a team passing the ball to the opposition between the cones at the opposite end 


  1. 2 points for scoring in the mini goal,
  2. 1 point for a controlled carry or pass to someone between the cones

Do 2-3 min rotations

  1. Can they create overloads through eliminations
  2. Risk vs Reward – Do they risk the 2 points, or play it safe with the 1 point option
    1. Each game is 90 secs each time it resets switch the team that feeds the initial ball
    2. No sidelines, no long corners, no hit outs.
    3. If the ball goes out a new one is passed in from the team that would gain possession from their corner
    1. Each team gets 5 balls to encourage retention
    2. Increase to 3v3
    3. Add multiple feed points