March 2019 In2 update

Hi All

Sorry for the weird way of communicating but the hockey website system is not great for big emails.

Anyway we now have our squad for the In2 event (Afternoon March 24th) – this page is to outline a few things.


Our last 2 training sessions will be Friday 15th/Sunday 17th where we will be doing some very focused set play routines – this means we need full attendance please.


Kit/clothing on the day

  1. Do you have a Haslemere shirt? (If not could you ask around?) – if there are issues then please talk to us as we may have spares.
  2. We will also need blue socks.
  3. Could you ensure that your daughter has a light waterproof top that she can play in (Not a coat) in case of bad weather.


Start time is 13:05 but we need the girls there at 12:30 latest as it is going to be chaos.

We will “bagsy” our own patch on the balcony behind pitch 1 – we can get sheltered and setup a private “den”.


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We have 2 pools, our pool gives us 6 games during the course of the afternoon PLUS semis and 3/4th playoffs so with luck we will have 8 games.

Each game is 12 mins one way so a very very intense afternoon (72 mins ++)


Without wanting to be tooooo competitive I would ask if you can please:

  1. Feed them heaps on Friday/Saturday with Pasta and anything else that is carb loading.
  2. Give them a HUGE breakfast on Sunday and also a lightish lunch before 12
  3. AND most important NO sleepovers!!

Anyway I hope this keeps you up to date and speak soon (or email me with questions)


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