1. 2 teams of 4
  2. Each team has their own square
  3. Players pass to each other trying to keep possession
  4. 1 player from opposing team crosses into square with ball to attempt to repossess
  5. If they do then they pass the ball back to their team and cross back into their square
  6. If possessing team keep for 5 passes then other team send another player over

Objective is to keep the ball for 10 passes

  1. Draw defender then pass
  2. Fast one touch passing
  3. Shape the body to where it is going next
  4. MOVE
  5. Angles
  1. Ball over side – start with opposing team
  2. Lost ball goes to opposing team
  1. Mistake – sit out for 30 secs
  2. Double scoring – get 10 then 1 point, get – 20 then get 4 points
  3. Increase/decrease size of boxes

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