U10 2018/2019 In2 Southern Finals – Surbiton


  • Sunday – 5th of May
  • 09:15 Arrival
  • 09:30 start of warm up
  • 09:50 First game

How to get there

Google map link 

Kit/clothing on the day

  1. Haslemere shirt etc
  2. Blue socks.
  3. Could you ensure that your daughter has a light waterproof top that she can play in (Not a coat) in case of bad weather.


There are 4 pools, our pool gives us 3 games PLUS quarters, semis finals and 3/4th playoffs – 6 games all being well.


This is a big deal and we are playing against the BIG sides so I would ask if you can please:

  • Feed them heaps on Friday/Saturday with Pasta and anything else that is carb loading.
  • Give them a HUGE breakfast on Sunday or have food on the go up until about 09:00
  • AND most important NO sleepovers!!


Surbiton, Hockey Club

Parking – there appears to be a car park alongside the club – see red box

Starting Squad

  • Attack – Luisa
  • Mid – Jasmine/Tess/Elodie
  • Defense – Annie/Klara
  • Goalie – Amy

Subs – for damage/exhaustion

Tilly, Lucy, Amelie


Download full schedule and brief

Surbiton Pitch Rules (the relevant ones)

  • Parents may not enter the pitch area;
  • All teams must vacate the pitches when not playing.

U10 Rules

  • All matches are 12 minutes one way
  • Knock-out games will go straight to penalty flicks (QF etc)
  • The first named team will defend the end closer to the main viewing area
  • The first named team will start with the ball

Email me with questions/issues – or call 07798 554540 (and whatsapp)


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