Hitting ladder

Objective – 

GameFocus onTransition/ResetProgression
  • Players looking at hitting low and hard forehand and backhand
  • Shots must be between the top of the circle and the inner D
  • Ball carry must be at pace
  • As soon as one team have gone round the cones – the next group starts
  • Each rset is made up of 1 round on each side of the circle.
  • Each round is 2 minutes to get as many points as possible.

Example rules for each set:

  • SET 1-2 minutes to attack for each team (most points wins)
  • SET 2- Sniper mentality- no shot on target = -1 point (most points wins) (2 minutes per round)
  • SET 3- First team to 25 points wins

Players per team: Max 5

time per set: 1 minute sets


  • 3pts for a goal between the post and inside cone
  • 1pt for a shot on target between the cones in the goal
  • 1pt for ball hit flat and hard between the far post and cone.
  • Opts for hitting near post wide

Tech focus

  • Being balanced when hitting
  • Execute at pace
  • Footwork to allow space to hit the ball
  • Keep head steady
  • Correct grip



Hitting ladder

Hitting ladder