Dyslexics – some coaching adapts

What challenges do they have?

  1. Verbal memory and auditory processing often multiple instructions are confusing
  2. Too much information, such as a list of instructions or directions, can be hard for the dyslexic brain to process and remember.
  3. Direction and orientation challenges – left and right often gets confused
  4. Too much change too quickly

Some ideas to resolve:

  1. Visual demos – dyslexics think in pictures not words
  2. Pointing – which way are we going or shooting
  3. Restrict direction or people changes (turn & burn for example)
  4. Keep the energy up by more fitness rather than changing rules/new instructions
  5. Talk slower
  6. Always use bibs
  7. Stand in our positions first before a mini match so spatial reasoning can be applied
  8. Break info down into smaller chunks
  9. Asking someone to repeat it back instructions before starting exercise
  10. Don’t just start quickly e.g. throwing ball in. Give time for set up and know direction
  11. Don’t add in extra rules half way through game
  12. Begin the lesson with a summary of what the lesson will cover, repeat and recap key points and end the lesson with a summary of what has been covered