Defensive Channelling Strips & Principles – 5 D’s

Objective – Do not dive and channel

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Defenders pass to attackers who attempt to score in offset goal – there are then 2 other variations

  1. Std 1v1 – attempt to score in a offset goal
    1. Teaching the “do not dive” (DND) principle
    2. Use jab tackles Or blocking depending on proximity
    3. Look to dispossess at the right moment 
  2. As 1 but now includes a second attacker
    1. Defender to delay as well as marking channel to goal
    2. DND
  3. As 1 but now includes a second defender
    1. Pressure on the attacker to move fast and defender to delay while reinforcements coming in
    2. Defenders to double team & communicate

    Defenders objective is NOT to win the ball unless it is “easy and no risk”, instead we are looking for them to:

    1. Drive the attacker off the pitch
    2. Force an error by the attacker
    3. Protect their feet (Especially if in the D)

    Learn when to do what – jab, delay, block, use their body to assist

    Defensive principles

    1. Delay
      1. Stop their go forward – be aggressive
      2. Be in the way – Be big
      3. Force a decision benefiting you
      4. Attack fast and step back – force them to stop and worry
    2. Deny
      1. Close down their passing channels
      2. Slow them down
      3. Shepherd them
    3. Dictate/Direct
      1. Run at angles to direct them
      2. Use your body and stick to dictate
    4. Disrupt
      1. Jab, worry, prevent – be in the way BUT DO NOT GET ELIMINATED
      2. Get their head down
    5. Dispossess
      1. Get down and do a block tackle
    1. If ball is lost then reset with new players
    2. Attackers have limited balls to prove their worth
    1. 5 balls each time – per attacker so defenders motivated to win
    2. 10 sec rotations so attackers under pressure
    3. Goal if the defender forces an attacking mistake without touching the ball
    4. Score a bonus point for winning the ball two handed.