Creating Space

Objective – Creating space to keep possession

  1. Game is 6v6 plus joker
  2. Scoring is done by passing ball across the grid to your other 2 players (to increase intensity defenders cannot touch it)
  3. Large grid with safe zones on periphery = Playing area
  4. 6v6 + joker (to start)
  5. Two players from each team are positioned in the playing area
  6. Other 4 players are split 2 at each end of the playing area
  7. Joker plays for team in possession – 3v2


  1. Players cannot stay in the same quadrant unless they are defending
  2. Any pass to a safe player must be followed by a substitution with that player 
  3. Joker is the only player who does not rotate into the safe zones;
  4. Any broken rules means turnover


  1. Keep the ball
  2. Stick to stick
  3. Leading runs


  1. Positioning
    1. Defenders – players pressure the ball and the channel
    2. Attacking use a triangle shape to create width and depth
  2. Movement – players who are marked should try pull opposition out of position
    while the open player attempts to receive the ball.
  3. Direction – players must be patient in advancing the ball forward to score.
  4. Use the spare player
    1. Every time ball goes out or lost goes to other team from a “spare player”
  1. Change size of grid – bigger if cannot do it smaller if too easy
  2. Remove the quadrants. If players understand how they should position themselves then remove the quadrants.
  3. Make it 3 vs. 3 in the contest zone.
  4. To increase the difficulty remove the joker and have 3 players from each team operating in the contest zone.