Counter pressing 4v2

Organization: In a field (10x10m) is being played 4 v 2. If a blue player gains the ball, he transitions from defense to offense. The red player, who lost the ball, transitions to defense. If Red plays four successive passes, they need to change into an adjacent field.

Coaching Points: Blue follows all principles of defending two by two. Moreover, the change of fields is a good possibility to create a pressing situation since a red player receives the ball in a closed position.
Variation: After a turnover, Red is allowed to regain possession. In this case, it only comes to switching tasks if Blue reaches an adjacent field (by a drib-bling or a pass).


Variation of 4 v 2 with Change of the Fields

Another blue player is moving in one of the free fields. If the red team passes to change fields, this blue player is allowed to move into that specific field and apply pressure. A blue player of the original field remains there and waits for the next shift.

Counter-Pressing Drill 2: 4 v 2 at 4 v 2

Organization: With a pass from the coach into the field, two blue players start into a 4 v 2. If Blue gains the ball, they receive one point. If Red accomplishes four successive passes, they receive one point. Is the play in one of the fields finished, the coach passes into the other field and another two players start. After one minute the tasks switch. Which team scores the most?

Coaching Points: The two defending players need to aggressively try to apply pressure on the ball carrier since only a short timeframe exists to score.
Variation: If the offensive team accomplishes four successful passes, they pass themselves into the other field.

Counter-Pressing Drill 3: 4 v 2 at 6 v 4

Organization: In the inner field (12 x 8m) Red plays against Blue a 4 v 2. Red plays with two possible touches. If Blue gains possession, they are allowed to include the four blue utility players on the outsides. Red is allowed to hinder these passes. If Blue accomplishes a pass to the outside players, a 6 v 4 with the aim to hold the ball as long as possible will be played in the entire field.

Coaching Points: After a lost ball, Red is supposed to directly transition and pressure on the ball to regain possession as quickly as possible. Players in immediate proximity to the ball shall instantly pressure on the ball carrier. Ball-distant players try to hinder passes to one of the utility player.

Variation: After a lost ball, Red is solely allowed to cover passing-lanes to the outside positioned utility players. After a lost ball, also the blue utility players are allowed to move inside the field and offer for the ball.

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