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Objective – How to create space – relieving the immediate pressure on receipt of the ball ...
Set up a square grid 5x5m with one player in the middle and 3 players on the outside and one player passing the ball into the player in the centre of the grid. ...
4 corners
4 groups - 5 per group in different colour bibs - 5 balls per group | 1/4 pitch long (NOT wide) | Call 2 colours | First colour are the ball carriers and attack the goal AWAY from ...
Bumper Cars
Place one player inside each of the 5×5 yard squares. 4 players dribble around inside the main area. Two defenders – without a ball – look to knock balls out of the grid. Each ball they knock ...
A U10s session for the girls Feb 2019 | v4 or 4v3 attacking overload | Ball passed to mid left or right who attacks down wing | Game is then to score in traditional manner ...

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