6 Goal Game

Objective – Creating overloads in wide areas


Pitch split into channels with 6 goals.

  1. If a team scores in a wide goal – 3 goals,
  2. central goal 1 goal.
  3. In possession, players are free to move anywhere.
  4. Out of possession, only 1 player can defend in a wide channel. 
  1. Combinations (overlaps, underlaps, creating 2v1s, exploiting space).
  2. Passing (smooth, weight, playable, timing, disguise, feet or space?).
  3. Receiving (first touch, securing the ball, enticing defender).
  4. Movement (to support, to arrive, timing).

Non-transgressing team start with free hit from base line next to their central goal

  1. Remove the central goal.
  2. If a goal is scored via an overlap/underlap – 5 goals.
  3. Out of possession, players are free to move anywhere.

6 Goal Game