3 zone possession


Game makeup

  1. 3 zones 20 x 10 with middle 20 x 5
  2. 3 teams with 4/5 attackers for each team
  3. Outer team keeps ball for 5 (?) passes then sends to other outer team (= goal)
  4. Middle team swop to attack on successful ball acquisition
  5. 2 players from middle team allowed into outer team area to disrupt/dispossess 


  1. Patience
  2. Movement off the ball
  3. Fast passing
  4. Pass and look for channel
  5. Communicate
  6. Structure


  1. Disrupt
  2. Closing passing channels
  3. Do not commit
  4. Patience wait for mistake


  1. Swop on goal or when ball exists pitch


  1. 1 touch pass 
  2. 3 touch before pass
  3. Change scoring levels


The Law of Possession

The more space, the more time to execute with quality. Time and space enables quality actions, without time and space, players struggle to execute.

High pressure defence closing spaces/channels quickly reduces attackers time on ball. When attackers don’t have time, it results in lower quality attacking play.


  1. Create time and space by finding space and moving into it
  2. Move off the ball is critical to find that space
  3. Movement makes it more difficult to be marked and gives you time to execute  with a higher level of quality
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