1v1 battle box

Objective – 

GameFocus onTransition/ResetProgression
  • 1v1 in the middle
  • Players start in contact in the middle of the box
  • It is a 2 ball exercise
  • Players receive 1 ball from each corner where the teams are trying to pass to their team mate
  • Ball is live until it goes out of the box (or coach gets bored!)
  • For the 2nd ball players must be in contact in the middle before it is sent in but the other team

Players per team
4 per team + goalkeepers

Balls per set


  • 3pts for a goal
  • 1pt for a shot on target
  • 1pt for a corner won

Attacking focus

  • Try to get something at goal
  • Stick on ball shooting

Defending focus

  • Put the striker under pressure and try to deny shots on target
  • Apply forehand pressure on the first attacker

GK focus

  • Try to start clear to the coach
  • Avoid rebound opportunities



1v1 battle box

1v1 battle box